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3 Ways the Right Technology Empowers Remote Work for Government Employees

Posted by Vision33 on Jan 28, 2021 12:00:00 PM


When pandemic conditions caused a massive shift to remote working, governments everywhere quickly discovered how prepared – or not – they were for employees to work from home. Many organizations lacked the technology to navigate the new reality, but even those with modern solutions were unprepared for such a wholesale change in working conditions.

Having survived the immediate crisis, many governments are now looking at long-term strategies for their technology planning. Some agencies, realizing the workarounds they developed in the pandemic’s early days aren’t sustainable, are evaluating new technology solutions. Other agencies have turned their attention to getting more value from their current solutions.

For government employees in Plum Borough, PA, implementing the Accela Civic Platform before the pandemic turned out to be a pivotal decision. (To read the full Plum Borough story, click here.)

If you’re contemplating your government technology strategy for 2021 and beyond, keep reading to learn three ways the right solution will empower your team to work remotely – and more efficiently.

Overcome Reliance on Paper Records and Files

It’s easy to take a laptop home, but a filing cabinet is a different story, so paper-based processes pose a problem when your office access is limited (or non-existent). There may be paper needs you can’t eliminate entirely, but the right government technology can work with those needs.

Rather than duplicating your files, systems like the Accela Civic Platform allow you to scan and attach paper documents, so your digital and paper records are kept in the same place, instantly accessible from anywhere. As soon as the paper file is uploaded to the system, a field employee can click “refresh” on their mobile device and see the information they need, wherever they are.

The right solution will enable you to cut more paper from your processes. When a system has been paper-based for a long time, it’s easy to get stuck in the cycle of “that’s how we’ve always done it” – but reducing your paper reliance gives you freedom to work in new, better ways.

Enable Employees With No Remote Experience

Even if your team already had a work-from-home policy, some team members may have zero experience working remotely – and some may not be particularly tech-savvy. But the right technology makes it easier for everyone on your team to work from anywhere. When Plum Borough suddenly shifted to working remotely, they found it remarkably easy to use the Accela Civic Platform to maintain operations outside the office.

Modern technology solutions come with intuitive, user-friendly interfaces that require less training. Automated and integrated workflows standardize processes while removing manual labor, so your team is empowered to work more efficiently wherever they are. For example, the Accela Civic Platform offers useful features like Saved Filters and an Expression Builder tool that leverage technology to take tedious tasks off your plate.

The right technology also allows employees to work together more efficiently, offers greater transparency to citizens, and saves time by speeding up routine processes. There’s a software solution for every challenge you face, and a trusted partner will help you find the right one within your time and budget constraints.

Log In Securely From Outside the Office

There are logical reasons the government has been slower than the private sector in transitioning from on-premises to cloud solutions, but the public sector is catching up. Advances in cloud technology are eliminating concerns about privacy and security that once prevented government agencies from considering cloud solutions. Now, moving to the cloud is a top consideration for organizations looking to digitize and modernize their government services.

Lingering hesitancies about running government systems in the cloud are evaporating. The advantages cloud solutions offer are too significant: unrestricted accessibility, automatic updates and bug fixes, simpler integration of multiple tools, and advanced capabilities. Public sector cloud adoption is accelerating because it simplifies remote work while saving time, money, and energy.

Read How Plum Borough, PA Smoothly Transitioned to Remote Work With Accela

If you’re considering new technology to solve your remote work challenges, read more about Plum Borough, PA, in this customer story from Vision33. Discover why they chose the Accela Civic Platform as their solution and how it enables them to continue providing government services remotely.

With over 100 technology consultants with firsthand government experience, Vision33 has partnered on more than 55 government technology platform implementations. Our experienced eGovernment team thrives on finding the right solution for any public sector challenge. Download the Plum Borough success story to learn more about transforming your operations with Accela.

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