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TraceabilityWith so much at stake, regulators have worked tirelessly to improve safety measures and compliance for food manufacturers and distributors. Growing small to midsized enterprises (SMEs) in the produce industry realize they need to implement new processes and technologies to help avoid these risks in the supply chain. Food traceability technology in SAP Business One is one approach to bridging the gap between safety and compliance, and is becoming a critical part of guarding the food supply chain.

Traceability technology effectively reduces the number of contaminations in the food industry’s value chain by monitoring all the events in the supply chain, and catching where a contamination or quality control problem has occurred. Of course, not all traceability solutions are created equal. An effective track-and-trace technology must be robust enough to capture large amounts of data gathered from countless events. It must also be capable of processing all this data in real-time speed.

Choosing the right technology will ensure your company is placing a heightened focus on freshness, quality, and transparency of the produce you sell. SAP Business One offers a complete business management solution that integrates all core business functions across your entire company – including financials, sales, customer relationship management, inventory, and operations. It streamlines and optimizes production, packaging, inventory and warehouse management, and allows you to meet demanding requirements for batch management, quality control, shelf-life, and traceability from supplier to customer. Here are some benefits to implementing an ERP solution like SAP Business One:

  • Traceability On Demand: Track movements in the warehouse, forward and backward on demand.

  • Quality control and shelf-life management: Trace the quality of your goods at every step of the supply chain from supplier to customer.

  • Faster response time and access to data: Better vendor relationships.

SAP Business One can quickly and easily identify all steps throughout the supply chain, from purchasing goods and raw materials to the eventual dispatch of your products. Find out how SAP Business One can further support your business’ traceability efforts by viewing a slideshare presentation on Creating Profitability with Traceability On-Demand or to discuss specific traceability requirements for your business, contact Vision33.