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Bringing Your Permit Process Online with Accela Civic Platform

Posted by Meagan Campbell on Dec 29, 2020 12:56:06 PM

Accela Civic Platform

This year, paper-based permit applications went from being an inconvenience to a barrier for government agencies needing to serve citizens and stakeholders remotely. But even with the increased urgency, moving to a new online permit system can still feel like a big decision.

How do you make the right choice?

That’s what government employees with the City of Taunton, MA and the Town of Ellington, CT were asking themselves before they partnered with Vision33. Now, both municipalities use the Accela Civic Platform to manage their permit process online with greater efficiency, transparency, and convenience.

Continue reading to discover the benefits of Accela’s permitting solution, or download the full customer stories to learn more about how two New England municipalities are finding success with Accela.


Go Paperless

If you don’t have the right technology in place, paper-based systems can seem simpler and easier. But when you consider the advantages of going paperless, it doesn’t take long to see why paper-based systems are anything but simple.

"When I'm out in the field with a tablet, I can access anything I need, including old records we’ve converted and attachments we load in,” explains Ray Martin, Building Official with the Town of Ellington. “Previously, it took a long time to get the answers you needed. Now, they’re literally just clicks away.”

Whether your staff are out in the field or working from home, they can’t work efficiently if essential paper files or records are trapped at the office. And with the Accela Civic Platform, they aren’t—users can remotely access the system anytime, anywhere.


24/7 Portal Access

Giving permit applicants the power to log into an online portal 24/7 to submit applications, track their status, and make payments is a win-win situation. Your team gains time back in their workday to focus on other tasks, while your citizens and stakeholders gain the same convenience they’ve come to expect from doing business with the private sector.

With the support of a trusted partner, setting up your own public online portal doesn’t have to be an impossible task. “Vision33 was very helpful throughout this entire process,” recalls Paul Arikian, Director of Technology for the City of Taunton. “They were very patient and definitely made the transition easier, helping guide us through any challenges along the way.”

For the City of Taunton, introducing an online portal made a big difference for citizens. Previously, anyone applying for a residential building permit required signoffs from multiple departments in different offices. Now, instead of several trips to different buildings, citizens simply submit their applications online and departments sign-off electronically.


Automate Manual Work

Accela automates work for you, eliminating manual steps from your permit process. To imagine the difference this can make across your agency, consider email. How much time would your team save by automating email notifications throughout the permit application process?

For the Town of Ellington, the Accela Civic Platform gives government employees the power to automate processes at a level that was impossible before.

“The feedback is very positive. I couldn’t be happier with the software, where it’s going, and what we can do with it,” says Martin. “Accela has completely transformed how we do business.”


Read How Accela Streamlined Permitting for These New England Municipalities

If you’re considering moving your permit process online, read more about the City of Taunton and the Town of Ellington with these two customer stories from Vision33. Find out why they chose the Accela Civic Platform as their permitting solution, and how it enables new ways to provide government services.

With over 100 technology consultants with firsthand government experience, Vision33 has partnered on more than 55 government technology platform implementations. Our experienced eGovernment team thrives on finding the right-fit solution for any public sector challenge. Download the Taunton and Ellington success stories to learn more about transforming your permit process with Accela.


Download the Success Stories!

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