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Build a Tighter Supply Chain by Helping Your Vendors Do Business with You

Posted by Matthew Melay on Aug 20, 2020 4:02:00 PM


Does your growing enterprise operate internationally? Even if it doesn’t, what about your supply chain? Some of your vendors might, and being exposed to other business practices may have changed their expectations of doing business with you. But how do you accommodate their expectations if you’ve already invested in an ERP?

Luckily, you don’t have to start from scratch and purchase another application for your vendors. Instead, you can extend access to your ERP’s existing benefits via a convenient web portal. This will save your company time, money, and effort while also helping your vendors overcome the challenges of operating profitably in a modern supply chain.

Here’s how the Vision33 Vendor Portal for SAP Business One can help leverage your investment in enterprise technology to build a tighter supply chain.

Vendors need access to information related to doing business with your company, including purchase orders, copies of their A/P invoices, and more. Their challenge is the supply chain’s global nature – being in another time zone, for example, might add a business day to each request. This slows down business with your vendor, which can be frustrating. But with the Vision33 Vendor Portal for SAP Business One, you can modernize your vendors’ experience and remove barriers to conducting business. How? By enabling them to log into a web portal to access information directly from SAP Business One at any time.

Your vendors also pass Microsoft Excel spreadsheets with order information back and forth – information that may or may not be the most current. Easily overcome this challenge by providing access to SAP Business One’s stored data. The Vision33 Vendor Portal allows you to offer access to reporting available online, which accesses the latest real-time data from your database and removes the potential for errors.

Modernizing your vendors’ access to the information necessary to conduct business with you strengthens your supply chain. Using SAP Business One, the Vision33 Vendor Portal gives vendors easy access to purchase order details via grid or pivot report, shows purchase lines, and more. Take the the product test drive demo today to see it for yourself.

Test Drive Demo


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