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How Long Does it Take to Implement ERP?

Posted by Vision33 on Sep 15, 2020 9:00:00 AM


You’ve probably heard the old expression, “Time is money.”

As a business leader, your time is valuable. If you’re considering an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to streamline your daily operations, one of the first questions you may ask is ‘how long it will take to implement?’

The time it takes to get ERP up and running can vary from business to business. ERP implementation is a meticulous process that is done in specific stages. The relatively short amount of time devoted to a proper ERP implementation will yield enormous benefits for your business’ future.

In order to understand the timeline you’re working with, it’s first important to understand the process involved.

What Services are Included in ERP Implementation?

Vision33 uses a simple but thorough approach to ERP implementation that is based on successful strategies and industry best practices. This logical, four-part implementation strategy includes blueprinting, building, implementing and sustaining the ERP system for your unique business and goals.

Here's what happens:


Vision33 professionals take a collaborative approach to understand your precise needs for an ERP solution. This stage focuses on ensuring your desired outcomes are met, from the pre-sales stage through implementation and post-project analysis.


Here is where we construct your selected ERP solution in accordance with your business requirements. This stage involves strategy development and execution, data migration, project management, risk management, and post-implementation review.


Vision33 puts your ERP solution to work via software configuration, system testing and integration testing. Our professionals train your staff on how to use your powerful new software, based on your schedule. Online or on-site training is conducted to ensure you understand your new system’s capabilities and can maximize your investment.


You can rely on full customer support after your ERP solution has been implemented. Vision33’s experts are always available if you run into issues, have questions, or need additional training.

So how long will all this take? Depending on your requirements, it could be a couple months to possibly a year. While the process outlined above applies to a broad range of businesses, it’s important to note each situation is different and can therefore vary in time. Properly implementing ERP is a delicate process that shouldn’t be rushed. Once it’s in place, the time you save and the ways in which your business can flourish will be limitless.

Let Vision33 Help with Your ERP Evaluation

If you’re considering ERP for your business, Vision33 can help. We partner with small to midsized businesses throughout Atlantic Canada and Ontario so they can fully realize the promise of technology with the right software, services and support. Contact us if we can be of assistance.

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