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Sage Intacct for Vision33

During these unprecedented times, you’re likely adjusting to a “new normal.” You and your team are working remotely and are conducting meetings through a computer rather than around a conference table. Thankfully, technology makes it possible to stay connected.

Here at Vision33, we’ve always believed in the promise of technology and we’re committed to helping you get the most out of your technology investment. If your business uses Sage Intacct for accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash management, general ledger, order management and purchasing, we have some tips and best practices for your remote finance team.

Sage Intacct Administrative Best Practices

  • Enable email notifications in the system in accordance with users’ specific roles. For example, if a team member is an approver, make sure all approver email notifications are enabled to avoid delays in the approval process.
  • Designate your Full Admins, make sure they’re easy to connect with, and make sure all of your Sage Intacct users know who they are.
  • Assign a backup Full Admin to handle password resets, lockouts, and two-step/MFA inquiries. Again, it’s crucial the backup Full Admin is accessible and responsive.
  • If you use IP Filtering, make sure each user’s IP addresses or IP range is set in your security settings. This will prevent login errors relating to IOP mismatch. If a user doesn’t know their IP address, have them search “what is my IP address” in Google.
  • If you use Purchasing Approvals, set up delegates. If a user who is a key part of the approval process will be temporarily unavailable, they can go to their Preferences, turn on their delegation, and their approvals will then be forwarded to the configured delegate approver. Follow this two-step process: 1) Purchasing > Configuration > Approvals > Enable delegation > Manage delegate 2) Turn on your delegation under “My Preferences” when you are out of the office and turn it off when you’re back.
  • Keep your company message board updated with current information. An Admin can handle this task by going to Company > Admin > Scroll down to the “More” section > Select +Company Messages. Your Sage Intacct users will see these messages on their home page when they log in to the system.
  • Track your users’ activity with the User Access Report, found within the Company > Admin menu.

In addition to these Sage Intacct best practices, make the most of the current situation with general tips for working from home. Consider picking up the phone and checking in on a team member. Turn your computer’s camera on during your virtual meetings to boost morale, share a smile, and even foster new ideas.

We’re Here to Help

Vision33 has been supporting our customers’ efforts in business continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Regardless of location, all Vision33 employees have access to the information they need to provide customer support via cloud-based enterprise technologies. Feel free to contact us and know that you have a partner to help you navigate through these uncertain times.