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Cloud Financials

As an accountant, you’ve no doubt logged your fair share of hours using accounting software. But how well do you know the choices available to your clients today when it comes to accounting software solutions? Do you feel comfortable answering your clients’ questions about moving to cloud financials or transitioning to an ERP system? 

It’s hard enough to keep up with the demands of a busy accounting practice, let alone keeping up with every single product or development in financial and accounting technology. Frankly: the options are endless. That’s why Vision33 recently hosted a webinar designed for busy CPAs to get a quick and easy introduction to the future of cloud financial management with Sage Intacct. 

This blog post highlights key themes from the webinar. It covers why your clients are interested in cloud financials, when your clients should consider an ERP solution, and what makes Sage Intacct such a powerful platform for growing businesses. To watch the full on-demand webinar — including a demo of Intacct in action — simply click here to access the recording of All About Sage Intacct for CPAs

Why Your Clients are Interested in Cloud Financials

Your clients, right now, are on the journey of digital transformation. Even if they don’t call it digital transformation, that’s what they’re doing. Businesses everywhere are finding ways to leverage evolving technology and integrate best-of-breed applications together while modernizing their business processes, customer experiences, and company culture. But, like everything in business, this journey looks different for different organizations — and it’s been impacted by the global pandemic. 

In fact, findings from the IBM’s U.S. Retail Index Report indicate that the shift to ecommerce has been accelerated by five years due to the pandemic. Suddenly, the need to get more done with fewer resources has increased dramatically. What used to be strategic is now essential and that means businesses are looking to technology for solutions that keep operations lean, sustainable, and profitable. 

“With the latest advancements in technology, there’s opportunity to enable the finance office to have more data-led strategies for business and more comprehensive forecasting. That’s where we want to assist companies to go, and to support your ability as professionals to advise, make decisions, and help organizations pivot for competitive advantage,” says Derek Sullivan, Vision33’s Vice President — Atlantic. 

Without a modern, cloud-based financial management system, any growing company will run into scalability limits. But with a scalable solution like Sage Intacct, businesses can meet the challenges and changes of today while laying a strong foundation for the future. 

When Should Your Clients Move to a Cloud ERP Solution?

There’s no hard-and-fast rule about when to move to a cloud ERP system. Most businesses start out with basic accounting software because it meets their early needs well enough. But as small- and medium-segment businesses grow, so does their need for a scalable, flexible solution that can automate and integrate increasingly complex processes. 

These common limitations signal that a company has outgrown their current system and should start investigating ERP. It’s important to remember that these limitations are not only barriers to growth — they represent higher costs, lower productivity, negative morale, uninformed decisions, and other costly drains on your business. If you notice your client’s business showing signs of growing pains, help them determine the realistic costs and benefits of their accounting system. With a few questions, you can quickly find out if your clients might stand to save money by transitioning to a cloud ERP system. 

"The classic triggers that people need a better financial system are the ones you've seen many times,” remarks Sullivan. “You need more complex analysis of the data. You've got too many spreadsheets. You’ve got long close times, manual reporting, not enough control. If you see clients facing those things, they’re a great fit for Sage Intacct.” 

It’s also useful to keep certain industries in mind as a potential fit for cloud financial management solutions. Sage Intacct, for example, focuses on specific micro-verticals that are well-suited to Intacct (pictured below). Sage works to understand and meet the unique needs of businesses operating in those industries and continuously innovates based on a customer-driven process. 

Cloud ERP


Sage Intacct: A Powerful Platform Built by Finance, for Finance

As a leader in the cloud ERP space, Sage Intacct is the first true cloud-based financial management solution — meaning the software was born in the cloud. Some accounting software solutions are adapted to be cloud-compatible, but Intacct was designed from its first line of code to be a native cloud solution. It’s a powerful platform that was built by finance professionals, for finance professionals. 

That means Sage Intacct offers best-in-class core financials with next-generation automation of complex processes and multi-dimensional data analysis. Intacct’s advanced functionality delivers everything you need to increase productivity, make timely decisions, and drive your business forward. And with its flexible platform as your foundation, Intacct easily adapts to the way you work while seamlessly integrating with other cloud services. 

“From my standpoint as a CFO, the key process improvement that Intacct has provided really is around timeliness,” states Russell Guthrie, CFO of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC). “It allows us to focus on other strategic aspects of the business. We can spend less time doing our internal accounting and focus more on what we want to accomplish as an organization.”  

Learn All About Sage Intacct with this On-Demand Webinar for CPAs

If your clients aren’t already coming to you with questions about Sage Intacct, they will be soon. Make sure you’re prepared by getting familiar with Intacct now. Your clients will appreciate you having up-to-date knowledge on this fresh, modern solution to cloud-based financial management. 

To make it easy to learn more about cloud financials and Sage Intacct, our Vision33 Sage experts hosted a webinar designed specifically for CPAs. You’ll learn all about Sage Intacct and which clients make a good fit for Intacct, plus you’ll get a chance to see the product in action. Watch the on-demand recording on your own schedule and find out what you need to know about the future of finance in the cloud. 


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